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Brady Walker

Life really is good. I'm getting good marks in my classes. Amber…

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Heart throb
Life really is good.

I'm getting good marks in my classes.
Amber seems to be doing well. Even though she is in Slytherin.
I have a wonderful girlfriend.

Speaking of a wonderful girlfriend: Jen, I have something for you.
  • *blushes*

    Really? What?
    • It's not that easy. You have to come and get it. XD
      • Oh boy. Should I be excited? Because I am. =P

        Your dorm?
        • Well that's good!

          And I'm in my common room, actually. I have to go up to my dorm to get it though... I'll meet you outside the Fat Lady?
          • Heh, that sounded funny.

            See you there!


            The idea of seeing her boyfriend excited Jen even more now that she got to go see him whenever she wanted. She wondered what he could possibly have had for her. After all, it had only been one day...

            She shook the thought of as she navigated her way through the halls in the direction of the very familiar Gryffindor Common Room. She had been there so many times with Marlow and Harry that it had been a piece of cake to get there.

            Once Jen arrived, she looked up at the Fat Lady with big eyes, wondering when Brady would come out.
            • His hand in his pocket, Brady made his way through the common room and out the portrait hole. Clutched in his hand was a little box, his little gift for Jen.

              As soon as he stepped out, Brady saw Jen. A wide smile spread across his face and he planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

              "Hey there."
              • The corners of Jen's mouth lifted into a bright smile when Brady kissed her.

                "Hey yourself," she replied.
                • "Walk with me," Brady said with a slight nod of his head. He linked arms with his girlfriend and led her away from the Gryffindor quarters. "How's your week gone so far?"
                  • "Perfect," was all Jen needed to say. She turned to look at him with a knowing grin as they walked on.

                    "How about you?"
                    • Brady returned her grin and shrugged his shoulders. "It's been pretty great, actually."

                      His hand still remained in his pocket, the small box rattling slightly. While he was almost kinda positive that she would like the gift, Brady didn't want to admit that it was his mother's idea. Brady couldn't only hope that his mother was right about it all.
                      • "Well, that's good," she said, looking straight ahead again. She felt Brady's arm brush against hers, and wondered where they were walking to, or what he had for her.
                        • They were definitely alone and when Brady saw a bench, he took a seat. Patting the stone square beside him, he motioned for Jen to join him. When she did, Brady handed her the blue velvet box. He was trying hard not to blush.

                          "Here...I hope you like it."
                          • Jen's eyes widened when Brady gave her the box. The kind of box that usually contained jewelry.

                            It just didn't make sense though...wasn't it too soon?

                            "Oh, Brady. You really didn't have to, she said to him, not opening the box yet. She looked down at it and bit her lip, grinning.

                            "What is it?"
                            • "Just open it up." He watched nervously as she opened the box to reveal a silver bracelet. It wasn't very fancy, just silver links with a singe heart hanging down.

                              Brady wanted to make sure that he could make her happy and what girl wasn't happy with jewelry?

                              "Do you like it?"
                              • Her eyes got even wider when she opened the box, her lips parted slightly.

                                "Brady," she said, finding it hard to find words. "It's...beautiful. Thank you so much."

                                She looked back up at him, and then, with a smile across her face, walked up to him and kissed him.
                                • Laughing into the kiss, Brady wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "I'm glad you like it."

                                  He pulled back and gently kissed her on the forehead. "Here, let me help you put it on."
                                  • Jen smiled at him for a second before stepping back and holding her wrist out. She handed him the bracelet and watched as it shined in the moonlight(is it nighttime?).
                                    • Seeing as it was nighttime, Brady squinted down at the bracelet to find the clasp. He unhooked it and easily looped it around Jen's wrist. A few moments later, it was on.

                                      "There. A beautiful bracelet for a beautiful girl. Now you'll always remember how happy I am that you're my girl."
                                      • Jen viewed the bracelet for a moment before gently dropping her hand to her side and grinning at Brady.

                                        "You're so cute when you're a mush, you know that?" she said, winking at him.
                                        • Brady looked down as though he were confused. Pinching his own arm, he looked back up at Jen. "I'm not mush. Still perfectly solid."

                                          He winked back, teasing her. "C'mon, let's walk."
                                          • "Let's," Jen agreed, beaming up at him.

                                            As they walked, she felt like nothing could ruin life at that moment. It was only the beginning of her 7th Year, and it already felt like the best. She wanted everything to last forever.
                                            • "Classes going good and all that?" Brady asked as they walked, making small talk. It felt good to clear his mind, or at least try to. He was still getting used to Jen being his girlfriend, but he wasn't about to let her know those thoughts.
                                              • "Yep, pretty good so far," Jen replied, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

                                                They walked for a moment before she realized they weren't really going anywhere in particular. "So, where are we going anyway?" asked Jen with a chuckle.
                                                • "Oh, I dunno. I just figured some time alone with you would be great, no matter where we were," he said with a smile. "Is there any particular place you would like to be?"
                                                  • Jen turned to him with a smile. "Anywhere, as long as I'm with you," she added. She looked ahead again, just noticing how dark it was. She looked up into the sky and saw the bright white stars twinkling against the black sky.
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