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Brady Walker

"Amber? Hey, Amber wait up," Brady called out, giving a quick…

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Amber b&w
"Amber? Hey, Amber wait up," Brady called out, giving a quick farewell to the classmate he had been talking to. Catching up with his little sister, he offered a smile. "Where you heading?"

"I was just on my way to the Great Hall. My new friend Cassie is meeting me there so we can work on our homework together," she replied.

The name was unfamiliar to Brady. "Oh, is Cassie in your year then?"

"Yep. We're both in Slytherin together. We share the same room and everything! But we both think that it's really cold in our room. The common room too. I should write to Mum and ask her to send me a couple of my jackets."

"You haven't written to Mum or Dad yet?" Brady's smile had faded at the mention of the Slytherin house. He himself had yet to inform their parents that their adopted daughter had ended up in the most hated house in Hogwarts.

Amber shook her head and when Brady took a seat on a stone bench, she followed suit. "I haven't really had much time yet. Classes are really keeping me busy and Cassie and I have had a lot of fun exploring the castle and all the stuff outside. She told me all about Quidditch. How come you never told me about Quidditch?"

Ignoring her question, Brady turned to better face the young girl. "Amber, how are you doing in Slytherin? Are people being mean to you or anything? Because if they are - "

"No, everyone is pretty nice. Well, some of them don't talk to me.... A lot of them don't talk to me, but I don't mind. I have Cassie and she's really fun." Amber's feet were swinging back and forth as she spoke and she seemed a little anxious to meet up with her friend. Brady however was feeling rather uneasy. He still didn't understand why it was that Amber ended up in that house. Just as he was about to say something, footsteps could be heard through the empty hall.

"I guess the rumors are true," Gabriella Nott said with a smirk, eyeing the two sitting next to each other. "Everyone kept saying that the two Walkers were related, but I thought it was impossible for such an awesome girl to be related to someone like you."

Brady scowled up at the Slytherin girl, but Amber didn't seem to notice the insult to her older brother. "Gabi! Hi! Brady, this is Gabi, she's nice."

He nearly fell off the bench with surprise. Nice? He could hardly believe that one. But Brady refrained from expressing his thoughts. It just made him worry even more about what would happen to the little girl in that house.

"Hey Amber," piped Gabi, noting Brady's discomfort. "Come with me, I wanna show you something cool."

"Okay." Amber hopped up from her seat and waved goodbye to Brady before walking away beside Gabi. Brady could hear her giggles as they disappeared around a corner and he shook his head slowly. It would clearly be up to him to write to their parents.

ooc: Someone can jump in and continue onto this. Maybe someone I haven't RPed with in a long time? Or.. ever? :D
  • Emiko was leaving the Great Hall when she saw what just occurred. She was too amused for words. It was obvious the girl's brother had been very displeased that she was sorted into Slytherin and now he seemed even worse off that she was walking off to see something with Gabi.

    She laughed lightly to herself and said nothing to him, but decided to catch up with the other two girls. She waved politely when she finally reached them.

    "Good evening, ladies," she said with a bright smile.

    ooc: Is it evening... or did I just assume? xP
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      Gabi had been showing of some wand work, making flashes of light and bubbles flow from the tip of her wand when another Slytherin made her way to them. She offered a courteous smile while Amber could hardly contain herself. The young girl found it hard to believe that she was getting all this attention.

      "Hello," the youngest Slytherin said brightly. "Gabi was just showing me some cool stuff she can do with her wand."

      ooc: I have no idea what time of day this would be, so it really doesn't matter. lol
      • Emiko smiled warmly looking at the younger girl; she was so full of that youthful brilliance. Cute!

        She looked to Gabi, then back and said after a moment of deliberation, "oh? Did she teach you hot to do any of it?"

        She was fiddling with her own wand in the pocket of her robe.
        • "Not yet..." But Amber looked up at Gabi expectantly and the older Slytherin couldn't help but laugh. "Oh Gabi, would you? It's so wicked that you can do all that."

          Gabi, feeling rather flattered, shrugged her shoulders. "Sure. If you want I can show you a couple of things. Care to join in on the lesson, Emi?"
          • "I couldn't possibly think of any reason not to," she responded thoughtfully. Aside from Amber's wish to learn Emiko also thought it would be fun.

            "Where should we conduct our little tutor session?"
            • "We'll have to find a classroom. You know how Filch gets. He'll give us all a million detentions if he sees us doing any magic out here." Gabi glanced around, then down at Amber as she thought. The little girl looked so anxious; it was rather endearing. It was obvious that she wanted badly to learn anything she could.

              "I have an idea. There's a classroom right by the Defense room that's always unlocked," she said finally, turning on her heel and heading down the hall. Gabi expected that the other two would follow.

              Oh man, I'm supposed to meet Cassie! thought Amber as she quickly caught up with Gabriella. I'll just tell her all about this. She'll be so jealous....
              • Detention in the first week of school was definitely not on Emi's list of plans. The longer that could be avoided, the better.

                She thought on it for a moment as well until Gabi came up with her idea.
                "That works," she agreed and began to follow after Gabi. She looked over to Amber again. "I'm Emi," she said extending her hand to greet the girl. She was sure she hadn't introduced herself.

                ooc: omg she's adorable xD!
                • Amber took Emi's hand eagerly. "Hi Emi, I'm Amber. I've seen you before. We're both in Slytherin, but I'm a first year."

                  The girl truly was overwhelmed by the attention that she was getting. Brady didn't seem to have much confidence in her, but she would show him. She's be the best witch ever.

                  Gabi watched the exchange and the corners of her mouth turned up into a smirk. This was too easy, getting the girl under her wing. Sure, she was young and even pretty adorable in her own way, but the situation couldn't perfect. A Slytherin related to a Gryffindor? Gabi saw it as a potential way to help them put those annoying Gryffindors in their proper place.
                  • "Yeah, I saw when you got sorted," she remembered.

                    She looked up at Gabi after a moment. She didn't really know the older girl, but she wondered if this was her standard treatment of underclassmen.

                    Either way, Amber seemed to be very happy and for Emi it was an escape from doing school work and the like.

                    "So how did it come about that you and Gabi started talking?" She asked after deliberating that in her head.
                    • A look of confused passed over Amber's face, but it faded quickly. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "She just started to talk to me."

                      "It was obvious to me that her brother isn't happy that you're in Slytherin, Amber. I mean, it's not fair that he thinks his house is better than ours. can you believe that Emi? That her own brother would be ashamed of who she is, just because she's different?"
                      • Emiko scoffed under her breath. Shaking her head slowly she replied, "it's pathetic, really. I think I will always be mystified by that whole 'self-righteous-Gryffindor' thing."

                        She looked to Gabi for a moment meeting the girl's eyes with a steady and curious gaze. Then sighed sadly looking back at Amber.

                        "I think I would be more disappointed that my own brother wasn't happy for me. Of all the nerve..."
                        • Gabi glanced down at Amber, offering her own sympathic smile. Amber seemed slightly puzzled and looked as though she was seriously considering what the two older girls were saying.

                          "Boys sure can be dumb sometimes, can't they Amber?" Gabi asked with a wink.

                          The young girl smiled and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, who needs them?"
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